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At Custom Fit Guards we manufacture custom fit hearing protection and custom ear plugs for sports shooting, industry and motor sports. We offer individual custom fitted products that protect people who are exposed to high levels of noise on a regular basis.


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Made for motor sport, the CF Music Sport range is the world's first two in one product which acts as a custom in ear monitor (IEM) and can also be used separately as a custom hearing protecter / ear plug.


Using high quality components the user can wear this custom monitor for hours on end with complete comfort whilst enjoying the clear clarity and high quality sound delivered  by a combination of a high end single or dual driver.


Designed to be worn  under a helmet, this form of custom fit ear plug and monitor is shaped with a more  flush fit, has the option to have a passive filter included and has a detachable lightweight cable. Due to this brand new technology detachable cable, if the user wishes to use their product for just hearing protection the cable can simply be detached and placed back into it's pouch leaving the ear plugs for use of hearing protection. 


When including a built in passive filter, the ear plugs will protect the user from high levels of noise, whilst still allowing lower levels of sound through. This will also benefit when using the product as an IEM. The included filter will give more road awareness when listening to your music or satellite navigation. 

CF Music Sport 1/2/3/4 (pair)

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  • Build Material – 25/40 Shore Medical Grade Silicone

    Mould Type – Full Concha

    Hi Quality Electronics with detachable cable

    Colour – Clear, Orange, Black, White, Blue, Red (free of charge)

    Left/Right Ear Indication Dots