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At Custom Fit Guards we manufacture custom fit hearing protection and custom ear plugs for sports shooting, industry and motor sports. We offer individual custom fitted products that protect people who are exposed to high levels of noise on a regular basis.


*The Great British Shooting Show

Date – 15th – 17th of February 2019


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Date – 15th – 17th of February 2019

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Filter Innovation

The user may choose between two different levels of ambient awareness dependent on how much environmental sound they wish to hear. This gives the user the ability to block out as much as possible when being exposed to high noise levels and then being able to switch to the alternative setting when needing the ability to hear and communicate whilst still being protected. This filter is the best at reducing wind noise on the market, allowing the user to concentrate on shooting with no distraction.



Dual Setting Passive Filter

Unique design, unlike any other passive product on the market, the latest filter technology rocker switch is placed inside of this custom fit ear plug.


This places the CF Duo at the forefront of passive earplug technology, with a brand new rocker switch filter embedded in a soft silicone ear mould, this allows ultimate comfort, protection and

subtlety when in use.

Quality Passive Filter 

The CF Duo uses a high quality filter consisting of a diaphragm that maintains sounds quality. A small internal armature reacts upon impulse to the shot closing to protect the user.

What's Included

  • Custom Moulded CF Duo (pair)

  • Custom Fit Guards Pocket Pouch

  • User Guide

  • Wax Pick

  • Ear Lubricant

  • 1 Year Warranty

Tech Specs

  • Build Material – 40 Shore Medical Grade Silicone

  • 2 Different settings designed for more or less ambient noise.

  • Mould Type – Full Concha

  • Colour – Clear, Orange, Black, White, Blue, Red (free of charge)

  • Left/Right Ear Indication Dots

  • Cording (£15 Extra)

Recommended For

  • Game

  • Clay

  • Rifle

  • Competition

Please Note: Your ear impressions will need to be taken in order for the ear defenders to be manufactured. Once the order has been placed, our ear impressionist will contact you directly.

Product Overview

One of the most popular non electronic custom ear plug products on the market, the CF Duo give as much low level ambient awarenss as possible for a passive fitler. The unique two setting design gives choice between the low level sound giving options subject to the users needs. 

Both settings give protection upon impulse and react through the small armature within the filter.



It's fairly intuitive after first couple of goes at inserting and I think I've perfected the technique now .Thanks for the help over past few weeks - appreciated - and for the quick turnaround." - Phill


Thanks very much for all your help with those." - Matt

Sporting Shooter Mag

The plugs are quite soft and very comfortable to wear for even extended periods. The advantage over muff-type protectors is that when wearing glasses and a hat (as most clay shooters do) there is nothing to break the seal around the ear. There are no bulky plastic shells to interfere with your gun mount, or to make you sweaty in hot weather.


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